How to play Zeropoint?

We are a group of JC students doing a project on the conversation of traditional childhood sports games in Singapore. We hope that through this video, more people will learn and know how to play the traditional sports games.

We hope that by teaching people how to play these games using youtube videos, people will be gain more interest in their heritage and support us in this conservation effort.

Do drop by our website on the conservation of traditional childhood sports games at

Thank you so much for taking time to watch this video. We really appreciate your support 😀


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15 thoughts on “How to play Zeropoint?

  1. I've played like this on 90s but we called it level 10. my friends so creative. I love this game. can create more style and it was so much fun. I really miss this momenttttt!!!!

  2. I now how too play but your play is wrong…
    I don't have a rubber too play…
    it not Zero point it starfish

  3. Thanks for this…when i played this in the 70s and 80s though, it involved twining the bands around our ankles too. I dont remember your version, to be honest. I remember one leg had to go in and then out, plus other variations, which I have forgotten. Hopefully someone else my age can remember…

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