How to Play Kubb

How to play kubb shows you exactly how I play the ancient game of Kubb, aka Lawn Darts, Yard Chess, Throw Stick, whatever. I have posted this video along with more information on my blog:
Kubb can be played on grass, snow, sand, gravel, virtually anywhere. It’s great for tailgating, camping, picnics, and lazy daze in the park. The Kubb set can be made with a saw and a trip to the hardware store, or purchased online. It is safe for all ages. The game can take anywhere from a few minutes, to over an hour, depending on the size of the pitch and the ability of the players. Go ahead and play, you won’t be sorry for long.
Thanks to Andrew Minnick of for help shooting How to Play Kubb.


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32 thoughts on “How to Play Kubb

  1. Great presentation of a great game, Justin!

    Your pronunciation is okay but KUBB should be said or pronounced as short and fast as HUB or DUB but the "U" should be more pronounced as the first "U" in Furniture, and not as "A-like" as in Hub or Dub. In most English words the "U" is often pronounced as an "A" for us Scandinavians but Furniture is one of few English words with a more U-like "U". Hope this makes sense. In this video the "Reporter" says it in the right way at 0:19 sec:

  2. I'm Swedish and I find the English pronunciation of Kubb hilarious. In Sweden we play this every single year at Midsummer with family.

  3. The Swedes invented this game. Here in Sweden, we play it since childhood. Everyone is born with a kubbstick in their hand.

  4. The Orgins of Kubb from the Viking age is a myth, most likely ony used for advertisment
    the egyptians playd a variation of Kubb, which was picked up by the romans and then Picked up by the Persians,
    Due to Viking raids the Vikings Adopted the game from the Persians and brought it to other places like Scottland.
    "Kubb" means "blokk" so it has nothing to do with skulls.
    However its a fun story and there is nothing wrong pretending ur playing with skulls and Femurs 🙂

  5. Awesome game the whole family played this in the front yard. $25 trip to Lowe's, definitely worth it!!!

  6. Myself and one other recently released A kubb game in VR, I thought perhaps you or some of your viewers might be interested 🙂

  7. So many rules sand I gotta say the word skulls is said so many time and so often, its really hard to follow how to play this game.

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  9. Thanks for this video…we are playing this game during a family reunion on the beach this weekend and I have to explain the rules to the whole family :-S …super that you created this fun video! Regards from Holland…not quite Viking land but getting there!

  10. So, if I have two skulls in the front line plus my back line and the other team only knocks over one skull from the front line, do both skulls get tossed over, one or neither?

  11. The femurs are too long and too small, as a result of, it is going to be harder to hit the skulls. (only a hint)

  12. It's a great game and we are happy to be a UK supplier of Kubb Viking Games. For more information please visit:

  13. In your example the bone crushers knocked over 2 skulls. Those skulls were then tossed into the play zone by a Pillager. The Bone crusher then stands the skulls straight up. The Pillager then attempts to knock over those 2 skulls before going for the ones in the back. My question is, what if the Pillager only knocked over 1 out of those 2 skulls thrown into the play zone? What happens to that one skull? Does it just get stood back up because not all of them in playing zone were knocked over? Or… Does the bone crusher get to put it back on his back line with the others?

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