Hacker Experience 2 – Gameplay and Interview

Explore the cyberspace on this immersive location-based real-time hacking simulation –

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Hacker Experience 2 is a massively multiplayer real time hacking simulation. You play the role of a hacker living in a dystopian world controlled by megacorporations.

The game brings location-based strategy to a persistent virtual open world enduring a digital war. Claim and guard your territory against hackers and factions.

Hack servers, eavesdrop connections, upgrade hardware, research software, steal bank accounts, install viruses. All while trying not to be traced by the FBI – or others.

Hacker Experience 2 is also open source. Come build it with us:

Nguồn: https://chothuevanphongsaigon.com/

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36 thoughts on “Hacker Experience 2 – Gameplay and Interview

  1. Legacy was closed by Renato.But a new team consisting of old HE1 players have started a HE Legacy clone.They fixed so many bugs and it has over 300 active players.Most of the old players are now playing.The game is already on round 2 as i speak.https://hackerwars.io

  2. It's 2018 this was supposed to be out in like December 2016. I doubt it take like 3 years to make this game. Step it up. I put $500 into this project.

  3. Hopefully it will be more stable than the current bullshit hacker experience 1 where your constantly getting an error 504 time out. Why don't you make a stable V1 first instead of ditching it to make a V2? Its past your december beta date and there is no sign of this coming through. I really enjoy hacker experience 1 when I can actually connect to the game server.

  4. I'd like to mention that at 2:10 the connection looks to be routed through North Korea…? No
    Pretty sure they aren't connected to the rest of the world in any way.

    EDIT just read the fine print.

  5. It's gotta be fake. The one thing that tipped me off was that everybody was typing the lyrics to rick-roll in the chat…. we'll see.

  6. Are going to be able to purchase an early Beta lifetime account as soon as Beta gets released ?

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