Game Theory: Why You Play Video Games (1 Million Subscriber Special!)

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It’s the most fundamental question we can ask: Why do you play video games? Because they’re fun? That’s just the beginning. Video games satisfy a variety of needs depending on who you are, what you value, and even where you are in the world! So today, in honor of reaching 1 million subscribers, we’re revealing a little about every person who has ever had fun playing a game.

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28 thoughts on “Game Theory: Why You Play Video Games (1 Million Subscriber Special!)

  1. Hernandez trolls toxic players people who don’t want you to succeed I am just stating the facts donut at me. 😐

  2. It's interesting, my 3 favourite games has been (in order of getting them): Dragon Quest IX (DS), Minecraft (All sorts) and Enter the Gungeon (PC).
    Dragon Quest IX satisfied my need at the time for Relatedness. I was <10 at the time and didn't really have any friends until I started playing this game with my brother, which lead to bonding with his friends and one of their younger brothers who was the same age as I was. The game inadvertently provided me friends that I still meet to this day (but not right now because quarantine).
    Minecraft satisfied my need for Autonomy, I loved the game because I could do absolutely whatever i wanted. If I wanted to build a massive pyramid I could. If I wanted to build a farm that forces villagers to breed and sell me stuff I could. Minecraft let me have absolute freedom whilst I was in a time where i was bullied heavily and felt like I had no control. (There was also probably some competence as i got better at building)
    Enter the Gungeon satisfied my need for Competence. I got the game around when I had exams and felt like i wasn't improving in my work and felt like I didn't know anything and was rubbish at everything. Then along came a game where it didn't matter if I failed, I can always try again and improve again and again. Even though to this day i have never completed a run, the sense of progression and improvement was immense for me.
    P.S. We will always remember Ronnie and you will always be missed x

    Edit: Fixing spelling mistakes.

  3. They will never catch up to the pewds. No offense but 105mil in 2020? That’s going to be a long and hard journey.
    Love ya Ronnie. We will always miss ya dude.

    -bacon dominater 2020

  4. The nostalgia for this particular episode is immense. I feel like I've experienced every emotion I possibly can in the first minute

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