Game Theory: Why ESPN is WRONG about eSports

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Last year, ESPN’s John Skipper stated that esports are “not a sport” and that on ESPN he’s interested in doing “real sports.” Today we’re on a crusade to prove that Esports and games like League of Legends, Smite, and DOTA can stand toe-to-toe with the NFL, NBA, and the rest of the traditional ESPN roster. Not only do these games require the same rigor and commitment as traditional sports, but the structure of Esports as a whole has even started to look and feel like traditional sports leagues, with everything from internationally-recognized athletes to team sponsorships to league tournaments. It’s time for Esports to get the recognition they deserve!

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22 thoughts on “Game Theory: Why ESPN is WRONG about eSports

  1. Listen dawg, like, name one time someone has gotten injured while playing in an eSports tournament, like why would they need backups, the point of physical sports is that it’s effectively an exercise, like, if u look at a professional baseball player/football player, most of them have been in the weight room, or spent countless hours doing an active task that they master their sport, when u play an eSport, u don’t have any risk of injury, u don’t need to be in physically good shape, so calling it “training” when talking about eSports is a bit overrated, sure they may be getting better at knowing the maps, reflexes, aiming, etc. all of that is cognitive, and is not physically exertive at all
    Edit: I watched the rest of the video and yes… “hurting”ur wrist while moving ur mouse around on a mousepad is way more silly than breaking ur leg while jumping over people to make a catch to score points for ur team, like let alone this “wrist injury” probably doesn’t require surgery or a cast, so it’s way more minor

  2. I always though pc were more accessible… cause most people have a pc right? but youtube watchers don't necessarily have a console…

  3. I don't EVER watch sports (so booooooring😂) I'm not opposed to PLAYING sports but watching one will put me to sleep faster than some zquil 😂

  4. I was just checking the comments and the dislikes because you're just calling people b o o m e r s and z o o m e r s pretty much

  5. If there is a big enough demand for something then it should be supplied at the equilibrium price and quantity. Its basic economics which should be applied to esports. Should esports be considered a proper sport? Something at the Olympics? Absolutely not! I am someone who is part of both Sports and games but I do not think that esports are proper sports. You say that esports players may do more hours a day then regular sports. That is because it is far less physically demanding. Like the economic curves, training comes down to volume and intensity which are dependant variables on each other and the physical stuff done in physical sports is way more demanding than esports. Another thing is diet. Olympians have to go through extremely strict diets whether it be very low, high, or even oddly specific calories. Gamers can have a lot more open diet which doesn’t have a large affect on there performance. Also, that argument about injuries is dumb. Sure the falling on the leg may be true but what about tackling and other things? What about MMA, Boxing and other martial arts athletes who take so many beatings? The mental and physical toll on gamers may be somewhat there but actual athletes are on a whole new league.

  6. Matpat your a life saver. Had to do a argumentative essay on esports and I remembered this video. 👍

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