Game Theory: Is the MMO genre DYING? (Sponsored)

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The gaming press seems to think that the MMO genre is dying, but is that really true? Or is history simply repeating itself?

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MMORPGs are changing, and fast! The world of the MMO has gone through some major shifts in the last couple of years and have more than a few people calling the “Death of the MMO!” But before we get all doom and gloom and bid ol’ Azeroth goodbye, we need to take a closer look here. Is the MMO dying, or is the genre just changing in ways we never expected?

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34 thoughts on “Game Theory: Is the MMO genre DYING? (Sponsored)

  1. I've been a gamer since PONG. I'd much rather pay a one-time, or monthly fee than suffer microtransaction pay-to-win.

    Kids today seem more accepting of paying for purely cosmetic items. I say, more power to them. I'll only buy a cosmetic item, if I want to give the devs some money.

  2. MMO's NEED a relatively large playerbase to survive given the ongoing costs associated with keeping the game alive.
    For this reason, their lifecycle works differently than most other games.
    Are MMO's dying?
    Yes, that's an inherent trait of the genre: they come and go.
    Are MMO's dying as a genre? No.

  3. The indie game community has this little golden rule of “don’t make an mmo” because it takes so long by yourself

  4. HAHAHAHAHA!! it's funny to look back at what we expected of mobile gaming's future.. and handhelds for that matter..

  5. 1:33 – I'd rather be in Star Treks universe than Star Wars, so you're wrong there MatPat

    Edit* Complain, Complain, COM-PLAIN!

  6. Isnt it obvious. We all grew up. MMOs were another trend that came and went. Just like modern shooters, battle royals, and dark souls type of games.

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