FULL Sony Press Conference – E3 2017

Watch the full Sony press conference from E3 2017!

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22 thoughts on “FULL Sony Press Conference – E3 2017

  1. How to win e3

    1: Remaster/Remake something Legendary

    2: Bring something new, creative and inovative

    3: Have real fans

  2. This was one of the best Sony Press Conferences at E3. I really enjoy the orchestra, they deserve much props. I wish they continued that feature in the following years…

  3. How did anyone at sony think having two dudes play weird instruments for 10 minutes out of their show was a good idea. NOBODY wants to see that.

  4. Wow, what a massive let down. Worst Sony e3 showcase I’ve seen since the PS4 launched. Wtf was up with all the musical solo numbers no one cared about or the cutting to 3-4 ppl talking at a desk. Jesus Christ what a joke that was. At least there were a few interesting games: RE2, Nioh 2, & Death Stranding but that’s it

  5. It's great that Sony finally understands how to make these conferences. Just show reveals. That's all people care about. You don't need to have people come on stage again and again and again or have a bunch of fluff explaining what they're seeing.

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