DYRUS | UNIST: Unga Bunga Valista

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35 thoughts on “DYRUS | UNIST: Unga Bunga Valista

  1. Hey @dyrus2, could you upload some ffxiv gameplay? Saw a clip on reddit of you playing, and would like to watch you play since I can't really tune into your strim

  2. i really enjoyed this @Dyrus , you were having fun playing a game you liked with a bunch of people you knew and it was really great to see that. hopefully you get to do that more in the future man

  3. 9:53 "He waited until I crossed him up." I doubt it. Either 623C or 421C would have killed, yeah? My guess was it was an OS, whether intentional or not.

  4. Loved the video Dyrus. I just went and bought this game. It's gonna DL while im at work. Can't wait to get off work and play it!

  5. It’s neat how Anniebot seems to know a lot about this Loli characters.

    Edit: Apparently that’s not Anniebot at the start there, but they sound pretty alike imo.

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