DIY Carnival Game — Leap Frog Carnival Game

Kids love the Leap Frog Carnival Game. See our detailed, printable directions at

For this DIY carnival game, you will need a woodworking adult to construct this kids outdoor carnival game that can be used for years to come!

The Leap Frog Carnival Game is perfect for kids of all ages and even adults too!

This short video shows the basic supplies needed (plywood, rubber mallet, paint and some toy frogs) and simple rules for this diy game.

Add this fun, homemade carnival game to your list of carnival booths for this year’s kids festival or school carnival! To see more diy carnival game ideas visit

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9 thoughts on “DIY Carnival Game — Leap Frog Carnival Game

  1. Oh my jeez… I've been looking everywhere for someone to just tell me what kind of hinges I need… can someone please help me?

  2. There's no instructions on your website. Not even a picture from an angle that would help us see how to build the launcher.

  3. I was hoping for more detailed instruction. Exact measurements  instructions are appreciated for a DIY project.

  4. Hi Carol. Thank you for your comment. The Leap Frog Launcher is basically a see-saw with the far end of the see-saw sits under another small board with a hinge. So when one end of the see-saw is hit, the other end goes up and flips the frog forward instead of simply up in the air. I hope that helps! We hope to post an image on our site soon so you can see how to build it!

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