Did She Say Yes? Prom-posal Game

Can Rhett guess the outcome of these ridiculous prom-posals? GMM #1322.3
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48 thoughts on “Did She Say Yes? Prom-posal Game

  1. Unless you also went to prom as part of a third wheel, you don't know about awkward like I know about awkward lol

  2. Bruh I was never once asked to a dance so if any of these happened to me I would probably say yes no matter how awkward lol

  3. Omg I love you guys so so much! My dream is to meet you someday. I LOVE ALL OF YOUR VIDS! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!

  4. "Pity yeses are always a mistake." Man, that is so true. Sympathy dates aren't any fun either. Ask me how I know.

  5. I remember how i asked my sophomore girlfriend too homecoming, got her whole dance team to hold up signs that said it like each letter. Had it recorded in front of people and all. God shit was awful 😂

  6. If I ever get asked (ha, funny joke) I kinda have 3 ways I would say no
    1. If I don't know them at all or BARELY know them.
    2. If I already get asked (ha, funny joke)
    3. If they text and ask me (just, don't. Ask in person)

  7. For my promposal I built a robot that opened up to reveal the message. Go with what you know and be mythical!

  8. I remember when I was in high school one year, this guy did the dumbest promposal ever. He pulled the fire alarm, and once everyone had evacuated to the field, he and his friends held up a sign that said, "Prom?" Obviously he was banned from prom that year.

  9. At my school a guy ask a girl with bouquet of dum dums the candy it front of all the middle school and high school and we could not tell what she said but we were pretty sure she said no let’s just say that the suckers were in my math teachers room and the teacher was eating them

  10. Thank you charlie for inspiring me not to be you, and teaching me what not to do during asking someone to prom ,that was total cringe chaos

    -pewds screaming

  11. I never got the USA prom.. where I come from you rent a club, get hammered before you go, get weird yet reveling costumes that match, and then go and dance the whole night, right in the middle of the week, cuz it's cheaper

  12. My sister got asked by a song her boyfriend made her,and guitar picks that spelled out I pic you it was soooooooo cute but kinda cringeworthy

  13. The craziest “promposal” I got in 2007 was a guy in jazz band took my saxophone out of my sax case and replaced it with a rose. I ended up freaking because I thought someone stole my sax! It was sweet though, it a heart attack sort of way.

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