Dead by Gen Rush

Dead by Gen Rush ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Artwork by Sintain

Special thanks:
1.aceton – 22 000 rub. (+Overwatch)
2.Makcywa – 2830 rub. (Insurgency + H. M.)
3.madjuices – 1 700 rub. (Darkwood)
4.ultimate_unlucky – 1000 rub
5.Гусь;3 – 731 rub.
6.maydeexxx – 502 rub.
7.undead – 300 rub.
8.BOEVOQ – 250 rub.
9.henlobish – 250 rub.
10.GoddamnHell – 150 rub.
($) 1.odalheim88 – 77.28 $
(items) 1.Kiuxey – 10 ref

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39 thoughts on “Dead by Gen Rush

  1. Plz, if you wonna help, like in steam (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

  2. well that's their fault they knew what they were getting into when they saw your names…unless they mentally handicapped lol
    (no hate towards handicapped people their actually really nice and i'm afraid of hurting someone's feelings so..)

  3. I see you're point, but at the same time people kinda(at least at my rank) kinda fuck about without doing generators, or sacrifice themselves in a vain attempt to rescue the picked up survivor. wish these toxic lads were more common in my games, I can see it being pain to deal with as killer though. i only have 12 hours in the game so take my comment with a grain of salt

  4. Hum a full team showed up in my game with tool boxes and play the same characters well I'm leaveing this lobby not fun unless solo survivers

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