Canon Eos or Sony Alpha – Which Cheap Camera Would I Buy for TRAVEL A6000 vs 700D


I got my hands on both the a6000 and the 700d so i thought i would do a very quick summary of the two cameras, remember this is just a quick summary i dont go into details on the cameras, but i can say after using both cameras for the day i would prefer to take the a6000 on a trip if that was the only camera i could choose from!!
Here are some pros and cons i just couldnt fit into the video without making it super long!



solid build
Amazing colors straight out of camera
custom color profiles
flip out touch screen
longer battery life
microphone input


no 60fps video@1080p
only 50fps @720p
no evf (electronic viewfinder)
video image quality is not as detailed as the sony, due to the codec it records in



smaller camera + smaller lenses
video image is very detailed
60fps@ 1080p
evf makes filming in tricky lighting easy
zebras + peaking
superior Auto focus


short battery life, i used two batterys for one day the canon still had battery left over in its single battery,
no microphone input
no flip out screen
no touch screen

These cameras for photography are no match the sony wins hands down so i did not show any photo tests on that part.

Well i hope this helps you HOW TO decide on a camera if you are looking to buy a camera for around £500

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50 thoughts on “Canon Eos or Sony Alpha – Which Cheap Camera Would I Buy for TRAVEL A6000 vs 700D

  1. For stabilizing, heavy camera is easier to hold without shaking it, so sony would be more shaky and it's not stabilizer problem, you can double check without stabilizer and see it for yourself

  2. i wonder what you might choose in 2019… ? Im hoping Sony drops a budget a5300 or a a6100 in the next few weeks

  3. Bro' after 12 minutes of video the SONY overheats and shuts down. bummer. also, those strap attachments rattle like crazy. and to top it off, no external mic option on the SONY. I do like the image quality of the SONY but the other factors are deal breakers, especially overheating.

  4. Hi mate, I’m looking to purchase my 1st camera, mainly for photography but would like to try video also in the future, I had the Canon EOS M50 in mind but would you recommend the Sony A6000 over it or pay more for the A6300

  5. I'm from Algeria & sony lenses r rare here w lil bit pricey & unfortunately I can't buy them from Amazon cuz it's not available ( or something like that ) here so I preferred in this case the canon … in other I want the sony a6000 so bad .. I need ur opinion !!!

  6. If you are a vlogger then the 700D but as a canon shooter I would get the A6000 but it was top end and the 700D was a low end so I believe the Sony would have some features the canon doesn’t

  7. With a BG-E5 battery grip, which unfortunately adds weight and bulk, but better handling with larger lenses, the Canon 700D can be operated with any conventional AA batteries, the most common in the world. The Sony can ONLY be operated with it's Li-Ion rechargeable batteries. Great video!

  8. I prefer sony a6000 because it have very fast autofocus and I really love the picture and video quality too

  9. Can someone help me pls canon 600d or Sony a68 ? is it right that the 600d record just 1080p 25p and a68 50p ? would be important for slo Mo ! and what i saw the specs are much Better from Sony. :/ i Really dont know. Thanks for help

  10. My comment isn't in regards to the 700D. I am confused between the Canon M5 and the A6000. Any suggestions and preference? I am almost sold on the A6000 with it's picture quality and quick autofocus but I also love that Canon has a touch screen and can be used as a selfie screen. Very confused. I just sold my Canon T6S which is a FANTASTIC camera but am now super confused between these two almost identical cameras.

  11. please suggest me a camera for make a youtube videos purpose please i very confuse about it Sony A6000 or Canon SL200


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  13. I have a Sony a6000. Picture quality great. For the in camera audio, it has an annoying buzz even if it had an external plug in mic. No mic access, No flip out screen to frame your shot is a big let down for the one man band selfie youtuber. Be prepared to know how to use a recorder for video audio and fixing in editing (even if you know how is a deterrent to being consistent). Be prepared to figure an alternate for framing yourself in the shot. A photographers camera, not for selfies. For selfie style newbies get a camcorder. OR use your cell phone.

  14. Great. You helped a lot. 😊
    Please tell me how strong sony is? can it handle 3 ft height drop or it will die at same time?

  15. I think I should buy the Canon since it's going to be my first camera ever. I am making YouTube videos and will do a bit of Vlogging. What do you guys think? I am not sure I mind the size of Canon though.

  16. great video dude…i think don't a6000 is good one…i am going to order it after watching this coz i was confused btw 700d nd a6000

  17. hi Nice vidéo bro 🙂
    if you can make video about how can get cinematic look and what is better creative style to upgrade color cus A6000 not have a picture profile.
    And talk about lenses for filmmaking
    and I have question 18-105 f4 G
    for video is good?

  18. Well done.. I would go also with the sony .. 🙂 Ahh would love to see you shooting the milkyway in the alps.. 🙂

  19. Nice video Charlie 🙂 I liked how thorough you were and showed us both the cameras working in the field! Clearly know what you're on about. Looking forward to seeing some more from you man, keep it up

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