Buck-n-Boar with O-ring Adjustments

Cleon Carraway demonstrates his Buck-n-Boar game call with an adjustable o-ring

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Carraway Calls are precision, finely crafted wild game calls for
the serious hunter. Each call is made with precision parts of high
quality materials, hand assembled and finely tuned to insure that
the call you receive is ready for the hunt. Each call will come
with instructions and all Carraway hand calls will have a lanyard.

Carraway has personally designed many of his calls including a
patented turkey call. Many of his calls reeds and the way
he sets them up are unique to his design and give his game calls
the advantage over his competition, including better quality sounds,
larger variety of sounds, easier to use, less movement while using
them, only one hand required, or for some, no hands required.

As a life long hunter, Carraway knows the sounds made by wild
game. He is also an accomplished lead guitar player and has a
very good ear for tones. He gets his talent for designing game calls
from his love to experiment and 33 years of laboratory experience.

Give yourself the advantage of hunting with Carraway Calls and you
will experience the excitement of hunting with wild game calls that
really produce action. Carraway Calls have been used by ten’s of
thousands of serious hunters with great success for many years.

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