APS-C WIDE ANGLE BEAST !! Sony 10-18mm f/4 OSS REVIEW. In this video, I review the Sel1018 ultra wide-angle e mount lens. This is my go to vlog lens from the APSC line of lenses. I use it for both photography and videography – perfect for the Sony a6300, a6400, a6500 and a6600.


I’ve had the Sony 10 18 f4 for over two years now. It was the second lens I bought, and I’ve been very happy with it. I really like how wide it is and I use it a lot. Is it the perfect lens? I guess we will have to find out!



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46 thoughts on “APS-C WIDE ANGLE BEAST !! Sony 10-18mm f/4 OSS REVIEW

  1. I was looking for a lens that is equal to many fishes and finally! 😀 Just kidding, ofc. Good review, thanks.

  2. Anyone have any thoughts on a more budget friendly wide angle lens? (Oh, and, loved the video. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 )

  3. Thanks for the review dude. Its a tough call these days between this for the extra wide and the sigma 16mm f1.4 for the better light… but good to have choice right. Hello from UK btw 😎

  4. Hi! I just found out your channel after looking for my next Sony lens. Nice review man! New subscriber here. Just wondering, I saw your finger tattoo, are you a magician?

  5. Hi! I love your videos. I am looking to buy the a6600 tomorrow. Would it possible to know which lens would you go for in terms of photography/videography? I'm battled with the 10-18mm and the 18-104mm f4… both are good but only have a budget for one. 🙁

    I love your content. Looking forward to your next videosssss.

  6. Love your authenticity man! keep up with the videos, I would love to see some photography process videos!

  7. Hi all, i don't know why my 10-18 is not sharp @ 18mm but @ 10 is ok. Anyone has the same issue like me? Tks!

  8. Very nice review. I have mine for almost two years now and it's been great. Just checked and the price is still high!

  9. Hello.. I'am your new subscriber from Indonesia.. very nice to watch ur videos.. hopefully one day I can buy that lens..

  10. At 5:14 this is already the best and most informative review I've seen about this lens. It really shines through that you've used this lens a lot! Great video, thank you so much! 😀

  11. Question, you said it's a 15mm – 27mm for your camera…but arent you using a apc sensor and it's a apc lens?

  12. Would this still be ideal to buy even if I own the 18-105mm? Current kit is Sigma 16mm, Sony 18-105mm, and Zeiss 24mm.

  13. how is the sharpness through the image at multiple apertures? ive seen some super sharp at the center but the edges are extremely soft..

  14. 4:19 It's great that this lens is handling well the chromatic acrobation 😀 It's like – I've played this moment about 20 times, and every time I hear this acrobation 😀

  15. Man I just commented on your 18-105 video suggesting moving away from the camera and getting a better mic and started watching this video seeing you did them both lol… still a lavalier would work great for you. A very cheap option I can suggest is boya by-m1.

  16. Hello!! Can you actually tell me how much does this lens cost? I'm from India and the prices here are fairly unreliable you know!!!

  17. I had this for a year or so and decided to sell it — it is mediocre at its best. Be sure to use 4k for video and raw for photos to get the good outcome. I also have sigma 16 1.4 and other sigma art primes, 24-70 art zoom, tamron 28-75 zoom , and these lenses are far superior. Read online reviews for this sony lens and it has mixed reactions – could be quality issues

  18. I just picked up the a6400 to up my game a bit and I'm stuck on which lens to go with for my vlogs…this one, or the 16mm Sigma 1.4. Your video just made the decision for me. Thanks so much for the awesome content. Keep grinding my man!👍

  19. 6300 squad! This was a great video! I have an 18-105 and am looking at this lens. Great to see another smaller channel with amazing quality. Keep it up!

  20. So, for video traveling which lense you prefer? FYI, I have a Sigma 16mm, and yesterday I just bought a Sony 18-105mm after watching your video :))

  21. This is the best lens you can get for Sony a6xxx line! It's always sticked in my camera for films or photos!

  22. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make good use of mine before I went in for sigma 16 f1.4 and till now, my 10-18 is still resting in my bag

  23. Hey man! Im from indonesia and i found out your channel and its really good and funny! Shit i love it! Just keep uploading and you will growing really fast!

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